Parsa Kafi

Dreamer and Developer

I’m a web developer who loves working with open source technology. I work best at planning the architecture of web applications and their development life cycles. I also love to get the community involved and have had much experience with building and organizing large open source groups.

Founder WP-Parsi Persian WordPress Community (2012-04-20)
Web Design & Developer WPU Shortlinker (2013-10-16)
Organizer WP-Conf Iran WordPress Conference (2015-08-06)
Web Design & Developer Domainjoo Domain Search Service (2016-05-16), Telegram bot @domainjoo_bot
Web Design & Developer WPIstgah Persian WordPress News (2016-08-18)
Web Design & Developer FilmAran Persian Movie Info (2017-01-11)
Web Design & Developer Kia Insurance Inquiry and Telegram Bot @bimekia_bot (2017-06-20)
Web Developer AvaJam Persian News (2017-06-26)
Web Developer Techrato Persian Technology News (2018-02-18)
Web Developer FootballKala Sports Product Shop (2017-2018)

Skills: PHP, Node.js

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Contact: , +98-9031809585 , @parsakafi